R&D of Biomaterials

A firm that secures competitiveness through continuous development of
materials and the nurturing of bio specialists


Currently, ten types (two types of medical equipment, six drugs, two cosmetics)
of pipelines are in the stages of development.

In the future, a variety of pipelines will be added with the help of the ARisT Platform.

Classification Name of Drug/Material Characteristics
Drugs CPP
(Cell Penetrating Peptide)
  • Drug delivery system based on cell-permeation peptide
  • Core Materials: Discovered 24 candidate CPP peptides, currently performing R&D
Acne Treatment
  • Acne treatment with anti-microbial effect
  • Core Material: Subitide™-001
Hair-loss Combatting Agent/Hair-growth Solution
  • Hair-loss and hair-growth solutions using natural materials (traditional Korean medicine) as well as synthetic materials
  • Developed through ARisT platform; contains only effective components from natural (traditional Korean medicine) materials
Antipsoriatics/Arthritis Treatments
  • Antipsoriatic and arthritis treatments based on compound materials from peptides and plant materials
  • Core Material: Regentide™-060
Medical Equipment Regenin Filler
  • First fusion tissue-regeneration filler in Korea
  • Core Materials: Regentide™-034, Regentide™-041
Regenin MD
  • Fusion anti-microbial wound dressing
  • Core Materials: Regentide™-012, Regentide™-013
Cosmetics Regenin Booster
  • Also known as “Skin-Booster”; based on peptides
  • Core materials: Regentide™-012, 034, 041 and numerous epidermal/dermal care peptides
Regenin Cosmetics
  • Skin regeneration and wrinkle-reducing cosmetics based on peptidomimetic materials
  • Core Materials: Regentide™-013, Regentide™-034, Regentide™-041, natural compound materials, etc.