Company Introduction

A firm that secures competitiveness through continuous development of
materials and the nurturing of bio specialists

CEO Message

A firm specializing
in the development of new bio materials
My name is Ryoo Jae-duck, the CEO of NineBiopharm.

Since its establishment in 2015, NineBiopharm has strived to become a firm for health, beauty and human lives,
making efforts in the development of new bio materials.

For the achievement of innovation in the bio field, we built the development of the company and our own technology
through the recruitment of specialized human resources from a variety of disciplines and other core talents.
Through the development of the bio platform, we are expanding the range of our enterprises in many directions.

In the future, we, at NineBiopharm, will secure competitiveness
through continuous technological development and the nurturing of bio specialists.
We will try and make efforts to accomplish much more results through our ceaseless challenge and passion.

Thank you.